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  • Maya zuckerman

    Maya zuckerman

    #transmedia #producer and co-founder of @transmediasf #entrepreneur

  • Steve Schaefer

    Steve Schaefer

    I write and blog about electric cars and other green topics. I play bass in a Blues Band and in informal chamber music groups.

  • Alexis Plair

    Alexis Plair

    Clean energy product person working to realize just, resilient communities for us all. @AlexisPlair on Twitter

  • Donna L Young

    Donna L Young

  • Emmanuel Macron

    Emmanuel Macron

    Président de la République française.

  • Dr. Jonathan Foley

    Dr. Jonathan Foley

    Executive Director, Project Drawdown. Climate & environmental scientist, focused on solutions. GlobalEcoGuy.org

  • Alex Steffen

    Alex Steffen

    I think about the future for a living. Writer, public speaker, strategic advisor. Projects: Worldchanging; Carbon Zero; Heroic Future; The Nearly Now.

  • Isabel Sunnucks

    Isabel Sunnucks

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