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Using high margin green products to create a new market

Tesla started it. It may not have been the very first, but it is the first company that lead, boldly, with a luxury-to-save-the-world strategy.

Today, we are seeing other brands use a similar approach, but it’s still a rare, perhaps because “luxury” and “good for the planet” seem at odds…

Summer Pasture at Stemple Creek Ranch © Deborah Knuckey, 2021

Revisiting Stemple Creek Ranch

Turning off Fallon-Two Rock Road to Burbank Lane, the sound of gravel pinging in the wheel wells is all that is familiar. The last time we drove this road, it carved a grey path through oceans of emerald grasses. …


Optimizing soil-based carbon sequestration under energy infrastructure

We’ve hit an inflection point. With electricity generated by solar cheaper than that from some types of polluting fossil fuels and mountains of money available to build out a green energy infrastructure, millions of acres of solar farms will be built in the coming decades. …

Rep. Sean Casten addressing the floor, as shared by The Hill


Silly Stunt or Acute Advocacy?

One of the more nerdy issues in the climate and energy world hit the mainstream media this week thanks to a stunt on the floor of the United States Congress described variously as “eye-rolling,” “awesome,” “embarrassing,” “peak idiocy,” and “cool.” In the one-minute opinion-dividing address to the House floor, Illinois…

Regenerate and Repair


Part Two: Forget dystopia, forgive utopia, and get to work

Mankind missed the opportunity to change the course of human history for the better. Asleep at the wheel, we sped past the off ramps that would have led to utopia. So where does that leave us? Speeding towards a dystopic cliff? …

Utopia? Dystopia?


Part One: What happened to utopia?

Utopia never existed.

For those who gaze fondly back to the 1950s, that seeming utopia of new cars and tract homes and well-paying jobs was fueled by a system slowly enslaving the world. In the countries riding the 1950s wave of wealth, it was a wave that created a middle…


Traveling with memories when real travel isn’t an option

We turned off our flashlights, letting our eyes adjust to the moonlight. Profound silence settled, words muted by the sacred beauty of the place. We waited, pausing at the graveyard’s arched bridge.

We were a week into our trip to Japan, leaving Kyoto’s cherry blossoms behind and arriving at Mount…

Photos: Deborah Knuckey


And then there was one…

There’s a gift in winning a bird’s trust. A wary offering earned through months of sitting, still, with food near, then nearer, then touching.

I’ve cherished the gift of a bird’s trust, its family’s trust. And in this time when the fear and pain of the world seem so overwhelming…


Five essential elements to make an oil and gas company’s climate pledge meaningful

Oil and gas companies have, deservedly, been portrayed as the worst of the climate criminals. It’s not only that their industry is the leading source of greenhouse gases but also that they invested decades into muddying the issue of whether climate change was even happening despite knowing exactly what the…


Layering solutions can maximize carbon capture

Flying over the midwest, miles of mono-crops paint green swathes on the land. Uninterrupted acres of a single crop — soy, corn, winter wheat — is the exact opposite of what you’d find in nature. It’s convenient: large automated farm equipment can plant and then harvest massive volumes of grain…

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Prefer sun over shale, clean over coal, forks over knives, words over wars, wit over waffle. Climate communicator. Aussie in US. MBA, MS Sustainability, LEED.

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